Getting started

  1. Download OpenGeoTracker to your Android phone and start the application.
  2. Enter a tag name that will describes your data in the input field (or leave the default "test" tag name). You can for example enter "car trip" here. Note: Right now only the characters A-Z,a-z,0-9,_,/ and space are allowed here. If you enter other chars your log entries will be ignored!
  3. Press the "Start sending"-button for start sending gps data (the default time interval between each point is 30 seconds, but you can set this as far down as 5 seconds (remember that it can be expensive if you're not using wlan)
  4. Press the Menu-button and select "Key id". Note the Key Id string, this string uniquely identify your data. You might also change the key id, but if you forget an old key id it will be hard to retrieve your data matching the old key id.
  5. Start a web browser on a computer (or on your phone!) and go to this site (
  6. Enter your "Key id" in the input field on that page and press the "Show" button
  7. You will now come to a page where all your tag names matching your key id will be displayed. The route for each tag can be accessed in a number of formats (different kml-formats and CSV) and on a map.
  8. If you view the data on a map you can press the "Refresh"-button at the bottom of the screen to update your position (I will do this automagically later on)
  9. The OpenGeoTracker application continues to send data until you press the "Stop sending" button (you might need to start the application again and press the "Stop sending" button).