Why have you done this? Similar projects already exists!Yes there are similar projects, such as InstaMapper. But they don't open source both the client and server as OpenGeoTracker does. This way it's easy for you to set up your own server and have control of all data yourself!
What data do you store on the opengeotracker.org server?The key-id, tag-name, timestamp, latitude, longitude and the IP-number of the connecting device. You might change both the default key-id and tag-name on your phone.
How do you use the data sent to the opengeotracker.org server?The data will not be used/selled/shared by anyone else!
How much data can I send to the server?Right now there are no restrictions.
Can I remove my data at opengeotracker.org?Not implemented yet, but if you want to remove your data from the database, send me your key-id and I'll remove it!

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