Howto combine tracks

Combine tracks lets you combine the data from several different tracks on the same map. For example if you are hunting you might place a gps sender (an Android phone running the OpenGeoTracker client) on each dog. The hunters can then view all dogs from a web browser (on their own phones).

In order to get this to work you have to enter the key-id and the tag-name combination for each track you want to view. On the map all entries should be separated by a comma (no spaces). Example:

One of the dogs having the key id "aAbBcCdD" and the tag name "Romeo" the other dog is having the key id "eEfFgGhH" and the tag name "Juliet". In order to view their tracks on the same map, enter:


Press "Show on map" to view their tracks on a map. The map will always be centered on the first entry (in this case aAbBcCdD/Romeo)